Sand Motor

The Sand Motor is a large amount of sand that will be deposited in front of the Delfland coast. Wind, waves and sea current will spread the sand around. We call this 'building with nature'. This will contribute to the coastal safety in the long term and create more space for nature and recreation.

Building with nature

The struggle against water is as old as the Netherlands itself. The Dutch are hydraulic engineers. Our expertise is used all over the world. But deep in our hearts we know: the sea will never be tamed. The changing climate poses new challenges for us. And the Dutch wouldn’t be the Dutch if we didn’t go in search of new, innovative solutions for the impending rising sea level. The Sand Motor could be such a solution. An innovative way of large-scale sand suppletion whereby we use the power of the wind and waves to create new land. Building with nature: we let the sea do the hard work. In this way we combine 2 objectives. We create more space for nature and recreation and the coastline becomes more solid and safer.

Video-item Watch the virtual scale model of the Sand Motor (with subtitling)


The province of Zuid-Holland is working in close cooperation with various parties, such as the Ministry of infrastructure and the environment, Delfland and District Water Control Board, the Westland municipality, the Municipality of The Hague and the World Wildlife Fund and Ecoshape in executing the Sand Motor pilot project.