Curriculum Vitae (English)

R.A. (Rik) Janssen (LLM)

Personal details

  • Date of birth: december 30, 1957
  • Marital status: living together


  • Laws Legum Magister (LLM) ; (cum laude)

Current position

  • Regional Minister, province of Zuid-Holland (2011-present)
  • Portfolio since 2015 (second term at the office):
    • Environmental affairs, soil remediation, control and enforcement
    • Water management and transport on water (inland navigation)
    • Cultural heritage and social community
    • Central management interconnected provincial organisations (IPO)
    • Deputy King’s Commissioner

Previous positions

  • Member of the Lower House of Parliament (2011)
  • Policy officer, socialist party group Lower House of Parliament (2007-2011)
  • Before I have been self-employed entrepreneur and have been active in various positions in the leisure industry

Supervisory and advisory positions (all unremunerated)

  • Chairman Supervisory Board and day-to-day management environmental protection agency DCMR (Rotterdam area)
  • Chairman day-to-day and central management of several environmental agencies (coordinating office for granting permits in environmental fields in particular regions in Zuid-Holland)
  • Chairman of the administrative advisory commission for granting permits, control and enforcement.
  • Member of the Strategic Environmental Chamber (national chamber coordinating actions against environmental crimes)
  • Member central management of the interconnected provincial organisations (IPO), portfolio granting permits, control and enforcement.